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Your privacy is a massive importance to us and we handle and protect your data accordingly. We have outlined all the ways we use your information and why it is necessary to do so. We value your security as much as we value your custom and are fully committed to preserving your privacy.




We use your details in several ways you provide. We have separated each specific detail you supply to us and the ways in which they are used.




We will ask for your name, phone number and e-mail address for a multitude of reasons. This information allows us to:

• Ensure delivery of purchase is directed to the right person.

• Inform you of order details, delays and all other such important notices and updates via SMS or e-mail. 

• Keep you up to date on new products, services and projects via e-mail.

• Detect and prevent fraud enacted against either yourself or EXEMPLAR™.




This information is collected during payment transactions. It allows us to:

• Process payment for items bought.

• Detect and prevent fraud enacted against either yourself or EXEMPLAR™.

• Optionally store payment information to the user’s account for a faster checkout.


When you add an item to your basket, our website retains your section so we can:

• Process orders once items are added to basket.




Our relationship with our customers is very important to us. That you have entrusted us with your information and support what we do at EXEMPLAR™ instils in us a duty to be transparent with how we use your data. We will never sell any of your personal data to third parties. This includes your name, address, e-mail address and credit card information.

There are, however, instances whereby your data is crucial to providing a good standard of customer service and improving the experience of all involved – namely, yourself and EXEMPLAR™. We may share your information with:

• Payment service providers, order packers, warehouses and delivery companies. These are the companies that deal with the delivery of your goods. Certain information (name, address etc.) is necessary to share in order to get your items to you.

• Credit reference agencies, law enforcement ad fraud prevention agencies. These are the entities that prevent and tackle fraud.




If you allow us to, we will keep you updated on EXEMPLAR™ products and news via e-mail or text. This service ensures you are kept aware of the latest projects at EXEMPLAR™.

You can put a stop to marketing updates from EXEMPLAR™ at any time by:

• Clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any e-mail from us.

• Contacting our customer service team at (EMAIL)




We can only retain your information while you are an EXEMPLAR™ customer. You are within your rights to request us to delete all of your personal data we have stored. Contact our customer service team at in order to do so.

There may be circumstances in which we keep hold of some of your information, even after you close you’re EXEMPLAR™ account or it is no longer required to provide specific services to you. These include: prevention of fraud and abuse; enforcement of our Terms & Conditions; solving disputes; or other such legal of regulatory requirements.

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